Performing Perfectly COVID-19 Statement

We understand at this difficult time how important the safety and wellbeing is for all Performing Perfectly attendees and staff. As a result, we have taken every measure to ensure that all of our courses are as safe as possible for those who attend. We are closely monitoring the official advice given by both the World Health Organisation and the guidelines from Public Health England.

All of our current courses are risk assessed and your safety is paramount.

Also, as a result of Covid 19, we have adjusted our courses accordingly, providing both in-person and video conferencing workshops, dealing with the many issues that have arisen due to the ongoing pandemic. We will provide tips and techniques to increase resilience and confidence in these challenging times, as well as coaching to enable you to communicate effectively with your employees, clients or as a Keynote Speaker.

Please click on the following link for full details of the courses currently available with Performing Perfectly.

Courses Available During Covid

What We Do

Our World

Performing Perfectly directors, Chris and Lucy Key, come from the world of theatre. A world where there are no excuses and where we all know that ‘the show must go on’. We can never fall short on the audience (customer) experience and being under par is not acceptable. As theatre directors we are elite performance coaches, always demanding excellence and setting the standards. Our standards can be unforgiving. Many actors fall by the way side via the sifting process of auditions. But equally, we know that great directing and coaching can nurture a performance that initially some believe to be inaccessible.

Our Culture

Perfection - 'The action or process of improving something until it is faultless'

Some leaders appear to be unnerved, suspicious and on occasions, cynical when we talk about the process to perfection. The speed of mastering perfection depends upon the culture of the organisations we work with. We define culture as 'the way we do things around here.'

So is your culture or environment set towards perfection or will 'something else' do? And one thing is certain – not aspiring to perfection will guarantee something else which is less than perfection. By definition, 'something else' must be a form of ‘sub perfection.'

Is your organisation comfortable with sub perfection? Taking action towards perfection and embracing the process becomes organisational habit. Just as sub perfection becomes a habit that results in coasting organisations - or in our world – average performances and falling ticket sales.

What do we do? – Effective Communication

We team up with psychologists, fellow West End theatre and TV actors, executive coaches and business leaders to nurture performance in the broadest sense. We provide unique opportunities to learn and develop essential skills for successful communication, presentation and peak performance.

Our programmes are about learning by doing, real time feedback and participants being dragged out of comfort zones and then back to the safety of secure and confident performance.

Perfect Performance is about perfecting communication skills - with an audience, colleagues, customers or clients. We bring our world of thinking into your world of thinking - Developing leaders and organisations to achieve success with consistently and continuous high-levels of performance.

Recent research shows that leaders are 5% more effective in high-performing teams. The performance of a team is set and driven by the leader with their ability to communicate effectively, understand drivers and motivators and take a variety of roles and approaches whilst remaining authentic.

The skills, knowledge and behaviours that participants leave our programmes with are transferable to all walks of life; business, sport and public services.

Peak performance requires an understanding of:

  • How to influence
  • How to have impact and presence
  • How to perform under pressure

The practical nature of our effective communication training focuses on:

  • Developing deep confidence
  • Understanding self
  • Exceeding self limiting beliefs
  • Delivering to performance potential
  • Controlling the fear of failure and success
  • Exercising and developing voice quality
  • Examining body language
  • Critical postures and gestures
  • Deep, authentic acting for connection
  • Developing precise and visual language
  • Understanding how we are perceived
  • The art of preparation
  • And all with in-time feedback to support continual growth

Whether it is an 'off the shelf' or bespoke programme we use a flexible approach to ensure that each participant takes away learning that is essential for them to perform continually at their best in a variety of settings – communicating effectively and consistently.

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